It is not uncommon for people to try to find a place to live. An apartment is often a good choice because there are several available and normally there is no waiting period to move in. It is the perfect option for someone who needs to move in immediately. In Alberta, Canada there are a variety of apartments that are available for rent. These apartments come in different sizes, rooms, and living space. Some apartments may even have utilities already available that are included in the rent. Other apartments may not include any type of utilities that is paid by the landlord.

Currently, there are approximately 150 apartments that are available for rent in the Alberta area. A bachelor pad type apartment can cost about $160 for a short term lease. It is not a big apartment but can include the water, electric, and heat in the rent. That is a great deal for a bachelor apartment. The location is also important when determining the price of a rental apartment. If the apartment is in a prime location; the price can be higher because stores and medical facilities are easily accessible. A bachelor pad that is available for rent in a prime location may be around $500 due to the area it is in.

A two-bedroom apartment in Alberta area can range from approximately $750 and up. It all depends on if utilities are included in the rent and the area that the living space is in. There are one bedroom apartments that tenant pays all utilities and the rent is around $730. If the water or electric was included in the rent; the price would be more expensive.

There is three bedroom rental apartments that range from $850- $950. These apartments vary in price because of the area in which they are located. It also reflects whether there are extra services on site for tenants to use. The extra amenities could be; laundry mat, private parking, bus route, shopping centers, hospitals, entertainment, and more.

The price of rental apartments in Alberta is reasonable. Even if the price is higher for paid utilities it is still a decent cost. People can look around at the variety of apartments that are for rent and decide which one would benefit their lifestyle. Being able to have a selection of living spaces to review; can make the process more pleasant. When the final decision is made on the rental apartment; it can be time to move in. This complete process could take a few days from start to finish.