How can you ensure that you win the maximum damages for a neck and back injury?
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A neck and back injury is all too common when high speed, heavy objects or falls from heights are involved in accidents. The type of accidents which cause these injuries might be high speed road traffic accidents, accidents at work or falls from scaffolding or buildings.

They are particularly debilitating for the sufferer and can cause complete, permanent loss of mobility and even paralysis if the spinal cord is damaged. The spinal cord doesn’t even have to be severed in order to have loss of function.

However, when somebody breaks their neck or back, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be paralyzed, as the bones in the spine could break without damaging the spinal cord. If this happens then the recovery prospects are good.

A more common neck and back injury claim covers problems such as ruptured discs, spinal stenosis or pinched nerves. These are all serious injuries which have a very high impact on the sufferer’s life and future health, as it can be the start of all sorts of problems in the future.

Many people who make a neck and back injury claim or a spinal injury claim may find themselves confined to a wheelchair and live under the threat of infection and sores as a result. They find a dramatic change in the way they are treated by society and this can also affect their emotional welfare.

How Mellor Small can help

We can help you rebuild your independence and quality of life. The compensation awards can be substantial due to the fact that these injuries have such a dramatic impact on the future of the sufferer. We can help to ease the concerns over what lies ahead and can help you pursue a neck and back injury claim with total peace of mind.

If you have been affected by the trauma of an accident like this, we can assist you in making a neck and back injury claim or a spinal injury claim. Simply fill in our CLAIM NOW form or call us for free on our Freephone: 0800 811844.